Oslo Skyline by night 2015


The Norwegian major allows students to gain competence in the Norwegian language and an understanding of Norwegian society through a combination of courses in the language, literature, history, and culture of Norway.

Course Offerings: Interim & Spring 2022
Interim 2022

St. Olaf College is one of few U.S. higher education institutions where students can study Norwegian to complete their foreign language requirement and also be able to further develop their knowledge of Norwegian language, literature, culture, and history. Study abroad in Norway, read literature by such authors as Henrik Ibsen, Knut Hamsun and Jo Nesbø. The study of Norwegian opens the door to another culture and worldview and also helps to develop skills in communication, research, analytical thinking, and writing that are essential in a wide range of careers.

Former students report time and again that a knowledge of Norwegian is a rare and appealing skill that gives them an edge over other graduates. Norwegian also enables many students to explore their cultural heritage, and encourages contact with relatives and friends in Norway.

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