Norwegian Major Course Requirements

The Norwegian major consists of 9 courses.  
7 courses must be in Norwegian, the remaining 2 can be in English or Norwegian.

The first 5 Norwegian language courses are sequential:

  • NORW 111: Beginning Norwegian I
  • NORW 112: Beginning Norwegian II
  • NORW 231: Intermediate Norwegian I
  • NORW 232: Intermediate Norwegian II
  • NORW 253: Advanced Conversation & Composition

The final two Norwegian courses can be taken in either order:
NORW 371: Norwegian Literature: An Overview
NORW 372: Advanced Topics Course (topic rotates each year)

The additional two courses taken need to meet these requirements.
+ 1 course on history or culture
+ 1 upper-level course

Read more about the Intended Learning Outcomes of the Norwegian Major here.