Resources and Links

Information about Norway

  • Dette er Norge (2017 Norwegian-language edition).  Excellent compilation of facts and figures about Norway.  Published by Statistics Norway (SSB)
  • Minifacts about Norway (2015 edition):  presents key information about Norway (also available in other languages)
  • Women and Men in Norway (2010 edition): Who are the women and men in Norway? Statistics Norway presents similarities and differences between women and men in Norway within areas of society we can describe with statistics in Women and men in Norway.
  • Everything Norwegian:  Blog about Norway

Indexes and Search Engines

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
Scholarly Journals–Open Access
Norwegian Language Learning Resources (free)
Schools, On-Line Courses, and Programs
Resources for Language Teachers
  • Digitalarkivet: Digital Archives is a public service from the National Archives of Norway. You can search in transcribed source material, such as census reports and church records for free.
  • DIS-Norge (DIS-Norway) Norwegian Genealogy Association. A membership organization (NOK 400/year), but some resources are available to non-members.