A Nordic Studies Concentration consists of five courses in Norwegian language, and Nordic literature, history and culture. At least two of the courses must be taken in the Norwegian Department; at least two courses must come from from outside the department. Up to three courses from study abroad programs such as DIS, HECUA: The New Norway, and University of Oslo direct enroll program may be counted toward the Nordic Studies concentration. At least two of the five courses must have a focus on at least one Nordic country other than Norway*.

1. __ One Norwegian language course beyond the FOL (232 or above) or advanced intermediate knowledge of another Nordic language.  If this proficiency is documented by a proficiency test, one additional course must be taken from within the Norwegian department.
2. __ One or two additional courses from the Norwegian department:
– ________
Norw. 130: Nordic Film*
Norw. 140: Norway: Continuity and Change (ORC, HBS)
Norwegian 224: Topics in Contemporary Nordic Literature: A Window on Society (ALS-L)*
Norw. 232: Intermediate Norwegian II (FOL-N)
Norw. 253: Advanced Conversation and Composition (ORC)
Norw. 244: Sami: Tradition/ Transition (ORC, MCG, HBS)*
Norw. 371: Norw. Literature, and overview (ALS-L,WRI, FOL-N)
Norw. 372: Topics in Norwegian Literature and Culture  (FOL-N)
Norw. 382: Ibsen (EIN)Other courses with Nordic Studies content*Has Nordic content
3. __ Two or three courses from
other departments:
________ – ________ – ________

Hist. 222: Modern Scandinavian History (HWC)*
Art 266: Arts of Scandinavia (ALS-A)*
Phil. 233: Kierkegaard and Existentialism (HWC)*
Other courses with significant content relating to the Nordic countries.
See director of Nordic Studies for approval.*Has Nordic content
4. __ Up to three courses
from study abroad programs:
________ – ________ – ________

DIS: Copenhagen*
DIS: Stockholm*
HECUA program (The New Norway),
Direct enroll programs at the University of Oslo,
Oslo International Summer School,
Scandinavian Studies in Telemark*Has Nordic content.

Click here to download a Nordic Studies Concentration planning sheet.

Updated September 2017